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From 2010/12/20


陸圏環境科学コース 2008年度D1 Motilal Ghimire
I am Motilal Ghimire, age 45, from Nepal. Currently, I am doing research for Ph.D. at the Course in Geoecology and Field Informatics. It is my 2nd year in Doctoral course. My area of research is Geomorphology.

Specifically my Ph.D. work is aimed at understanding the role of geology and processes in the landform development in the Outer Himalayas, the Siwaliks in Nepal. The research will comprise a few integrated case studies. The Siwaliks are the most recent and active geological entity. Coupled with steep topography prevailed by monsoon climate and increased human activities make the Siwaliks geomorphologically active and therefore a hotspot for geomorphologic research, which so far has been less understood.

My stay and study in Japan is supported by the Research Assistant Grant and Presidential Scholarship offered by the Hokkaido University. I consider it a great opportunity for my research and to know and learn Japan little more from the close.

What I could say more is about my course that I work. It is very nice and ideal place to do research work by all means. Faculty members belong to the disciplines of geoecology and field information. Their rich academic and research experience and intuitive guidance during regular seminars and on person have been very instrumental for my doctoral research. My lab colleagues represent various nations besides Japan namely China, Mongolia, Fiji, and Nepal and this makes me feel a little world inside my workplace. It is more vivid and reflective on university lawns and pathways, canteen shops, library, and Japanese language course and on various culture exchange events held in the university. What could be more inspiring from my colleagues is their politeness and helpfulness, value of time and dedication to work.

Last, I am living with my wife, Nirmala, leaving my two children at home place. Sightseeing, short trips, photography, music, and internet surfing are my some favorite pastime activities.


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