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From 2010/12/20
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Seminar : 6/2Announcement of the Geoecology seminar
Ƽ : semi 2010-05-28 14:25:32 (1461 ҥå)

We will have the Geoecology seminar on June 02 (Wed).
The following is the date, place and programs.

Date: June 02 (Wed) 13:00-
Place: C202, 2nd floor of the C building at
Graduate School of Environmental Science

Sakai Takahiro (M1) journal review:
Jeffrey S. Munroe, Jim A. Doolittle, Mikhail Z. Kanevskiy,
Kenneth M. Hinkel, Frederick E. Nelson, Benjamin M. Jones,
Yuri Shur and John M. Kimble
"Application of Ground-Penetrating Radar Imagery for
Three-Dimensional Visualisation of Near-Surface
Structures in Ice-Rich Permafrost, Barrow, Alaska"
Permafrost and Periglacial Process 18 (2007) 309-321

Jefferson William (M1) journal review:
Davide Geneletti
"Impact assessment of proposed ski areas: A GIS approach
integrating biological, physical and landscape indicators"
Environmental Impact Assessment Review 28 (2008) 116-130

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