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From 2010/12/20
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Seminar : 5/26Announcement of the Geoecology seminar
Ƽ : semi 2010-05-21 15:59:03 (1349 ҥå)

We will have the Geoecology seminar on May 26 (Wed).
The following is the date, place and programs.

Date: May 26 (Wed) 13:00-
Place: C202, 2nd floor of the C building at
Graduate School of Environmental Science

Hada Ryoko (M1) journal review:
Gabor Timar, Balazs Szekely, Gabor Molnar, Csaba Ferencz, Aniko Kern,
Csilla Galambos, Gabor Gercsak and Laszlo Zentai
"Combination of historical maps and satellite images of the Banat
regionRe-appearance of an old wetland area"
Global and Planetary Change 62(1-2) 2008 29-38

Sakimoto Naoki (M1) journal review:
Jonathan E. Nichols, Robert K. Booth, Stephen T. Jackson,
Elise G. Pendall and Yongsong Huang
"Paleohydrologic reconstruction based on n-alkane distributions in
ombrotrophic peat"
Organic Geochemistry 37(11) 2006 1505-1513

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