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From 2010/12/20
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Seminar : 7/2Announcement of the Geoecology seminar
Ƽ : geoadm 2008-06-27 23:13:03 (1633 ҥå)

We will have the Geoecology seminar on July 2 (Wed).
In this week's seminar, Mr. Suzuki (the master student of Tohoku
University) will make a presentation as a special guset.

The place and programs are as follows.

Date: July 2 (Wed) 13:30-
Place: room 304, The A wing of Graduate School of Environmental Science
(1)Wataru HASEGAWA (M2)
"Behaviour of bat hibernating in Hokkaido-cave, southwestern Hokkaido"

(2)Erina SAKAGUCHI (M2)
"The relationship between Climate and Wild Fire Activity in Alaska"

(3)Lamsal Damodar (M2)
"A study of topographical changes of the Imaja glacier lake, Khumbu
Himal, Nepal: prospects for a GLOF occurence"

Guest presentation
(4)Hiroaki SUZUKI (M2, Tohoku University)
"Chronology of the fluvial landforms and environmental changes
in the northeastern Tokachi Plain"

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