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From 2010/12/20
Seminar : 4/23Announcement of the Geoecology seminar
投稿者 : geoadm 投稿日時: 2008-04-22 14:30:51 (1702 ヒット)

We will have the Geoecology seminar on April 23 (Wed).
The place and programs are as follows.

Date: Apr. 23 (Wed) 13:00- (The start time is 30 minuites earlier than
Place: room 304, The A wing of Graduate School of Environmental Science
(1)Lamsal Damodar (M2)
"Topographical and Geomorphologic study around the Imja Glacier lake,
Khumbu Himal, Nepal"

(2)Noriko ITO (M1)
"Alpine vegetation patterns in different basic rocks and micro-habitats
on Mt. Kita of the Japanese southern alps"

(3)Takehiro MAEDA(M1)
"Comparative measurement of a turbulant fluctuation using several kind
of sonic anemometer thermometer"

The schedule of the geoecology seminar in the first semester was partly changed.
The revised schedule is as follows.
Date & presenter
April 23 (Wed):Damodar(M2), Maeda(M1), Ito(M1) 
April 30 (Wed):Lee(D5), Komatsu(D3), Obata(D2)
May 7 (Wed): Damodar(M2), Ukiana(D1), Mizuki(D1)
May 13 (Tue):Sakaguchi(M2), Hasegawa(M2)/9:00start
May 21 (Wed):Damodar(M2), Ukiana(D1)
May 28 (Wed):Damodar(M2), suspended
June 4 (Wed):Lee(D5), Komatsu(D3)
June 11 (Wed):Maeda(M1), Ito(M1)
June 18 (Wed):Motilal(D1), Mizuki(D1)
June 25 (Wed):Obata(D2), Ukiana(D1)
July 2 (Wed):Leba(M1), Hasegawa(M2)
July 9 (Wed):Sakaguchi(M2), suspended
(Field excursion: 5/14-5/18)

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