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From 2010/12/20

Suggestion for Foreign Applicants


Regarding scholarship, you should have the basic information from the website of the Jpanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), which provides the largest scholarship through each university or Japanese Embassy abroad.

To apply for the MEXT's scholarship through any university, you need to identify a professor with whom you want to work. Therefore, you first have to contact with a specific professor who can accept you. At that time, you should let us know your research interest in this course.

Otherwise, you may go to the Japanese Embassy to be nominated as a scholarship recipient, which is normally extremely competitive.

In either case above, we need to submit all evidences of communications regadring your research topic, and at least three-time exams by e-mail by three faculty members (so, in total nine questions and answers). You have to submit TOEFL score sheet as well.

Thus, you need 18-24 months to prepare. The deadline to submit the application is controlled by the ministry, so you have to submit the form during a certain period only. The application deadline is usually at the beginning of November in our school, which is slightly different from university to university.

For Ph D. Course Applicants

When you contact with your host professor, you should propose the detailed research plan you are going to do in this course.

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